Airfare hacks: ways to fly for less


As travel agent giving you invaluable information which you may use to book travel flight to fly for less. Enjoy your holiday, vacation, family vacation, tour, or luxury cruise in the future with a less and well-appreciated flight prices.

So what are some ways to fly less or almost free?

Family member works there

If you or a family member begins working for an airline, in most cases, your family can fly free 0n that airline, owing only to taxes. This is an almost priceless perk if you and your family like to travel and have the time to do so.


You can win airline tickets in sweepstakes but, I admit, the odds aren’t great for that. However, it’s becoming quite common for companies to offer free airline tickets when you buy some service or big ticket item. Keep a lookout for such offers.


If you’re not flying on a tight deadline, overbooking or thank you vouchers can be very nice. Most are familiar with the overbooking of flights in which the airline asks if anyone would agree to take a later flight. For this favor, the airline gives you a voucher, sometimes for the amount of a full airline flight in the future

Frequent flyer

Most everyone seems to know about frequent flyer miles. If you fly often, you can earn bonus points toward a free airline ticket every time you fly with a particular airline. There are also many credit cards that issue your miles/points for every purchase you make using the card. Gold and Platinum cards, especially, offer lots of bonus miles in exchange for the use of the card.

Travel booker

Making yourself a savvy travel booker can save big money for you. New airlines often reduce fares drastically, or an airline reduces fares when adding a new route/destination. Also be aware that you can sometimes reap large discounts by flying during the slowest days of the week or the slowest days of the year, flying to popular destinations at unpopular times, purchasing during the cheapest times of the day, or buying a super cheap travel package, though you can’t use it at that moment.

By in bulk

Consolidators buy up blocks of tickets in bulk at near-wholesale prices. This means that they can offer you highly discounted airline tickets. Some consolidation prices are better than others. We’re not talking dirt cheap here, maybe $100-150 off a $500-$600 ticket. But savings are savings, right?


If you hire on as a courier, you can fly cheap, sometimes free. A courier escorts a package to its destination. Companies do this to avoid delays getting packages through customs. If you’re at least 18 years of age, would like to travel the world, are willing to go with two small carry-on bags, can travel alone, and you have an adventurous spirit, this could be your dream come true.

A writer

If you are a writer and like writing about new places, you can fly free if you’re hired to write about it for some travel periodical. A few people, such as Bill Bryce, have turned their love for travel into a very lucrative writing career.


Flying charter flights can you fly for less, but this is not one of my favorite options. Charter flights are scheduled less often than domestic flights, and they book to complete capacity. This is no frills you’re packed in so tight, there is little room to move.