How to Book the Best Airplane Seat

There are many people in the world who want you to believe there is not a single best seat on an airplane, this is simply not the case. Everybody who knows anything knows that the best seat on an airplane is the pilot’s seat. When you are trying to pick a seat on an airplane there are three very important rules.

Confirm Your Seat 24 Hours Before Your Flight

The most important thing is to confirm your seat 24 hours before your flight actually takes off. Now you are going to do this for a couple of reasons; the first one is the airline’s change the airplanes around a lot which means that you may have already picked out what you thought was the perfect seat only to find the airplane has changed and your seat is actually really crappy now. So make sure that when you are 24 hours out of your flight that you verify they have the same aircraft and that the seat that you picked is indeed still the best seat on the aircraft. So make sure you check in 24 hours a lot of times even if you would confirm to see before they are going to change it. So just make sure you do it 24 hours before the flight and you should be good to go.

Don’t Sit Next to Lavatories

Now obviously there is the smell issue and there’s also the noise issue. The lavatory is in the area around where they usually cook things which actually can be kind of gross. So avoid the lavatory and sit farther back or you can sit farther front if you have lots of money and you can do first class or business class.

Join a Frequent Flyer Program

If you have not done this already just go ahead and do it. If you live in the United States it is quite easy for you. If you travel domestically a lot you can go with Alaska’s frequent flyer program and if you want to travel all over the world then do United Airline’s program. With a frequent flyer program, many times for the cost of nothing you will get your seat upgraded or you have access to more inventory as far as seats go. You will be able to get the best seat that is available on the aircraft. Click here.

Common Seating Myths

Exit Seats Are The Best

This is not true, you have more legroom which is great and the odds of you having to ever have to use and open those doors are very low. So in those ways, those seats are good but the problem is that you can’t store your stuff underneath the seat in front of you.

Forward seats towards the front of the plane are the best

Now, this is certainly true for business class and for first class but this is not true for the economy class. In that case I prefer to sit towards the back of a plane not entirely in the back because those seats don’t recline but I do try to go a little bit further back. Also, you can’t use the plugs usually like if you are trying to plug in your laptop or your phone or something they are usually not available in the extra seats.

So How do you Book the Best Airplane Seat?

Well, for this you can actually use the internet. There are two websites that will tell you how to do this SeatGuru and SeatExpert. Now, both of them are essentially the same although they won’t say. They will show you what your flight number is, what aircraft you are very likely to be using, and what are the pros and cons of each of the seats on that airplane. Check out this site: